Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been super busy. We are healhy, we have a nice home and we all like each other. I needed to take a full time position as a Personal Banker. Hopefully that means only 1 job for Ben soon.

Addison is big. Ana is in Young Women and loves it. Gabe is handsome. Leah is becoming a young lady and Nolan...well...he's so cute. <3

We are on Facebook, I post there most often, quick and easy. Sorry.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Post

We don't do much except,

go to school (3 of us)..
go to work 2 of us one 16hrs a day , the other 35 hours a week
do laundry
clean cars
try to clean house
dishes...never ending
try to see each other.

Sometimes Nolan and I ride the light rail for fun.
I also did a 2 day huge art show , Micheal Godard was the artist..I worked ALL Friday and Saturday.
That's about it...and I try some meal site for weekly menus with shopping list attached.
P.S. This picture has nothing to do with the post, it's recent and Nolan is saying "call me."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Jim took us and 2 of the kids friends sailing on the lake. Really beautiful weather! Perfect little fluffy clouds.

The Dads.

Ana trying hard not to crash..

The big boys!

The Dog

It's funny, I saw this and had to post the pic. Everyone LOVES this dog...they all touch her and hold her and want to sleep with her. It's cute.

Dillon's Beach Reunion

Grandma Karen and Aunt Janine arranged a fun filled trip to DB. Ana brought a friend, all the cousins were there..well a lot of them.We suffered hurricane winds, and chill but it was pretty fun.

Shouldn't every family have a guitar / harmonica player? We're fortunate Grampa Jim does, it really makes a camp fire! The fire was actually a bit scary and unpredictable in the wind.

More sand fun...

Happy Birthday Nolan !!!!!

Nolan my baby boy..the youngest and so sweet. You are 4 now (feels like 5) You keep asking me because you want to go to school. You are a very silly boy most times. Definitely energetic! You can sing on pitch better than any child I know. Well if it's Star Wars or Indiana Jones themes.

You look like a big kid in this pic, being goofy of course. Don't grow up too fast. I'm enjoying every minute of your baby ness. You tell me I'm beautiful all the time.

For now I want you to know how much you are appreciated and loved.

Leah Graduated from Kindergarten!!

Leah graduated from Kindergarten in June.. I know, I just got all the images from Ben...She looked so grown up and pretty!! She got all S's all year and plusses.. which in Kinder speak is all A+'s! Way to go ....first grade soon!

Here she is with her diploma...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Friday, June 05, 2009

A couple family pics...

I admire that my friend Raegan posts and she tells her life story ;) So I'm going to try to say more. Things are always hectic, life at 90 miles an hour. I am always exhausted, i could sleep all day everyday if I was allowed. I think there's a reason for it and I'm working on it... but it's still no fun. We like our dog, she's cute and pretty well behaved. I heard barking the other day, like scratchy lame barking .. I thought there was no way that Daisy could be barking so I looked and she was! Her favorite spot in the house is right next to me...she curls up next to my legs..odd considering I don't usually love dogs... well she is pretty cute..and Nolan is getting big.

Speaking of Nolan and getting big he asks me all the time if he is 4 or 5, I honestly couldn't remember for a minute then I thought wow, he's only turning 4? He seems a lot older than that..he talks ALL the time. He wants to be 5 because "he is going to go to school and love it". We will see. His birthday is the 24th, I can't wait because I got him something neat..
I think all the kids got straight A's again.. Leah got straight S's which in Kindergarten are A's. Ana was awarded priciple's list for all A's and District honor roll for all A's and B's , she had straight A's all 3 semesters. Addison also got all 90's and was invited to be a Beta club member for smarty pants. Yeah team! In the fall I will only have 1 child home all day...weird.
Time flies , years pass faster and faster....